Whether you are just ready to have someone get the job done, or prefer to be a part of the process, we get it and we will get the job done!

Difficult to let someone just take over? Not a problem… this is your project that we are here to assist you in making you’re your vision of the space come to life.

We donate and remove items that you are finished with, assist in arranging garage sales, and taking pictures of items you would like to list for sale online.


Your bedroom should provide a quiet retreat at the end of a long day. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple tweaks to get back the serenity that will have you sleeping like a baby.  Bathrooms can be challenging, especially when you have a small space with two sets of products, but Organize Portland is up for the task. We have a few tricks of the trade to make your bathroom shine.


Since the pandemic, more and more people are working from home, creating an even greater need for an office space that encourages productivity. The accumulation of clutter, be it irrelevant files, old bank statements, loose photos, junk mail, and piles of papers that need shredding makes it difficult to get those creative juices flowing. Perhaps your office doubles as a store room and/or guest room. Organize Portland can transform your space into a multi-functional room that invites comfort and competency.

Kid's Rooms

Organize Portland creates fun storage and display solutions for the games, toys and stuffed animals in your child’s room—because, while kids will be kids—parents need their sanity. Perhaps your child is approaching adolescence, and you need help boxing up things for the attic, or donation. We’ll help you make the tough decisions that comes with storing away childhood treasures.


The most sought after home organization resides in the closet. After years of accumulation, your storage needs become greater, yet your capacity is rapidly shrinking. It’s time to go through those clothes, handbags, and shoeboxes to create a more functional space. Organize Portland will help uncover those underutilized areas, providing storage solutions to help increase your usable square footage.


These areas can be a catch-all for everything and anything you can’t seem to part with, so it’s just out of sight and out of mind, with more stuff piling up year-in and year-out.  From rusty tools and extra parts, to broken old toys and forgotten memorabilia—we compartmentalize, categorize, and create space saving storage solutions that might even have you parking your car in the garage.


Do you have a storage unit you haven’t been to in years? You may not even recall its contents, or maybe it was thrown in haphazardly and in complete disarray. Perhaps you inherited or bought the unit at auction and have no idea what’s in there. Whatever the case, Organize Portland will sort through, organize, categorize and inventory its contents.


Most people are in such a hurry to unpack their kitchen boxes that they don’t really think their decisions through logically. At Organize Portland, we especially love organizing kitchens and creating the extra storage you need to house your kitchen gadgets, dishware, and appliances, while freeing up much needed counter space.

Living Spaces

These areas should be comfortable spaces the whole family can enjoy. If your living areas have  been taken over by toys, school work, bills, clothes, shoes, books and anything else that gets plopped down when you walk into the room—you might need our help de-cluttering and re-comforting.

Empty Nest & Conversions

You have an empty nest; now what? While we know it’s bitter-sweet and tempting to make a shrine out of your oldest son’s bedroom, we’re here to focus on the sweet!!! Whether you want to convert a room into a home office, gym, sewing room, guest room, walk-in closet, or Zen Den—Organize Portland will help clear and transform the space into the extra room you’ve always wanted.

Packing, Unpacking & Downsizing

Need help with a move, unpacking after a move, or are preparing to downsize? Organize Portland is at your service. We offer organized and secure packing and labeling, unpacking and placement, and help sorting through decisions when you need to discard, donate, or gift as much or more than you keep through a downsize.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms may seem like a menial task, but extra- large families or multiple roommate situations can bring a whole new meaning to the term mix & match—take it from someone who comes from a family of nine! At Organize Portland, we develop a systematic blueprint that keeps you from waking up early to sort through that huge mound on the floor just to find a matching pair of socks.


While we don’t do landscaping or yard maintenance, we offer design solutions and junk removal that will help transform your space into your own private oasis.

To the busy moms and dads that just don’t have the time or even know where to start, we are here to help.

To the one’s out there working so much there’s just not enough time in the day, we get it, and we are here to help.

To the “hot mess/ slob” that always has been, and always will be don’t worry, we are here to help.

To the hoarders, have a bit of a hard time letting go or getting rid of things? We understand on multiple levels and are sensitive during our time with you, we are here to help.

  • Bedrooms/Children’s rooms/Spare rooms
  • Livingroom’s/ living area’s
  • Closets/ Pantry’s
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Offices
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Sheds/ Shops
  • Storage units
  • Downsizing/ Kids moving out/ Roommates moving out
  • Moving (Packing/Unpacking)
  • Yards/ Patios/ Decks
  • Home Staging/ Preparing Airbnb

Our Rates

$55 per hour—minimum 4 hours

  • Includes on and offsite work (shopping, trips to the dump, sub-contractor correspondence, etc.)
  • Additional organizers for additional hourly rate, gets the job done in a fraction of the time
  • First four hours billed upfront at start of project, subsequent balance due weekly

Service includes …

  • Up to 30 minute phone or zoom consultation to discuss project goals
  • Up to 1 hour in-home planning
  • Phone and email correspondence
  • Travel within 60 miles
  • Small load hauling

Additional fees…

  • After 60 miles—$10 mileage fee per 15 miles (example: 75 total miles = $10 travel fee)
  • Large load hauling
  • Dump fees
  • Materials
  • Sub-Contractor fees

Money Saving Packages

Rose City—$1025

20 hours ($75 savings)

Trail Blazer—$1800

35 hours ($125 savings)

Buy a Bridge *

Need another day’s work to get the job done?

Add 6 hours—$315 ($15 savings)

*Only available with package purchase | Client may purchase multiple bridges to complete a single project as defined by original consultation goals.


Packages must be used within 30 days or as pre-determined by your project organizer, defined in the contract. Unused hours can be applied to a new project within the 30 days or as pre-determined by your project organizer. Refunds unavailable on packages.


Get Started

Here at Organize Portland, we are focused on simplifying and organizing your space while creating functionality that last. We are here to organize and declutter your space, so you don’t have to.